More Than Only is participating in a Seed & Spark campaign May 01 - May 31, 2017 with two goals in mind:

1. To reach 500 followers gaining access to Project
    Greenlight which opens up a filmmakers gift box.
    The list is extensive, but available in full on their

2. To raise some if not all of the remaining $12K needed
    to complete post production. Elements yet to be
    completed include: sound/ sound mastering, color
    correction and music rights/ original score costs.

        The premiere has tentatively been announced for showing January, 2018. 


"Potential Acted Upon" 

Darren Hartman

Ella Anderson

Alyson Dodge

Shirley Benedict

Mike Benedict

Mary Mongrain

Kelsey Tatone

Ashley Adamson

Holly Spitzer

Jessica Fawcett

Summer Ramsey

Leesha Vaden

Melissa Baker

Alex Baker

Angela Campagna

Kassidy Bond

Beth Dodge

Laura Classen

Joeseph Hurd

Luanne Forney

Robert Forney

Sara Dygert

Willow Adams

Josh Benedict

Lori MacKenzie

"A Dream to Hope For" 

Jenn Myers

Felicia Rutherford

Leigh Monsrud

Maggie MacKenzie

Jenny Whitling

Mary Follen

Julie Smith

Dawn O-Brien

Hector Esco

Jennie Kyle Midland Green

Joseph Gorecki

Jacole Bailey

Sally Pollanz

Kenna Moranto

Carol Cordani

Cyndi Maher

Tom Struck

Joseph Hyland

Tamara Szalewiski

Audry Ostric ($15.00)

Daniel Caine ($15.00)

Kimberly Lowe ($15.00)

Josh Benedict ($20.00)

Kellie Thomas ($20.00)

Lynnette Lindemood ($20.00)

Shirley Benedict ($20.00)

Craig Norton ($20.00)

Amy Benedict ($20.00)

Andy Wilcock ($20.00)

Lola Moore ($20.00)

"A Dream Realized"  

Shari Blackburn

Niki Miller

Gunselman Family

Frank and Maria Ferry

Sean Kelley

Julie Dir-Munoz

Roxanne Whitmire

Jay Formick

Darci LaRae

Shawn & Alina Morgan

Diane Davis

Jim Parker ($30.00)

"The Life Hoped For" 

Valerie Eberly

Virgina Smith

Julie Marsh

Karen King

John Frewin

Kenna Maranto

Sheila Bryant

Brian Marshall ($60.00)

"Living the Life All Deserve"  

Luke Andrew Parr

Gina Summers

Stasia Swyers

Raymond Hinton

Karen King

Mike Hagen ($150.00)

"Unconditional Love of Self"

Heather Taylor ($255.00)