Your donations will be used to complete post production on More Than Only!
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More Than Only is the story of Justin Johnson, an openly gay young man.
When not under the watchful eye of his father,
Justin tries to find his place in this world and someone to share it with.

After meeting Michael Garner, Justin resolves to do whatever it takes to win Michael's heart.

While not impressed with Justin's antics, Michael is willing to give Justin a chance and a first date...

if he can complete three impossible tasks first!

While Justin courts Michael, he must contend with the looming disapproval of his father -  who only wants two things from Justin: "straight A's and a straight son."

More Than Only was filmed on location in the greater Portland, Oregon, area.
Principal Photography began on August 1st and wrapped on September 2nd, 2016.

Now More Than Only is ready for post production.
All of your donations will be used to complete the movie.
This includes film editing, audio mixing and mastering, sound design, color correction, original music, and more.

Because the film has already been shot, and the post-production team is in place and ready to work, your donations are virtually risk free!

All we need is your help to set everything in motion.

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